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Version : 27th Jan 2021


Frequently asked questions

What is the Hill's Staff feeding Scheme?

The Hill's Staff feeding Scheme is a special food programme for veterinary professionals and their pets. Registered participants can discount offers up to 40% Off Hill's Recommended Trade Retail Price + VAT which can be viewed once on the product page, depending on the product size. The refund on the purchase of Hill’s pet food is only for participants’ own animals (maximum 2 pets per participant) and is directly paid into the participant’s bank account.

Who can sign up to the Hill's Staff Feeding Scheme?

The Hill's Staff Feeding Scheme is for veterinary professionals that work in veterinary practices that are primarily concerned with the treatment and care of small pet animals and that are Hill’s clients.

How does the programme work?

The first step towards becoming a participant of the Hill's Staff Feeding Scheme is to register on our website https://hills4you.com/UK/en. Here you can enter the details of the practice where you work, a number of personal details (e.g. name, position in practice), the two pets that you want to register and your bank details for refunding. You will need your practice ID to register– if you do not know it; you can contact your Hill’s Territory Manager. If your practice has never participated in Hill’s Feeding Scheme, contact your Territory Manager to determine your eligibility. The registration is then checked, completed and approved by Hill’s.
You can then select on our website which product/s you have ordered for your pet at the veterinary practice where you work. You will immediately see the refund that you will receive on your selection. Please note, selecting a product on the site does not trigger an actual purchase, but allows us to link your purchase in the practice with the refund you are eligible for. You will then upload an invoice for the in clinic purchase to link it to your selection. As soon as the invoice has been received, it is checked (correct products purchased, name of practice and participant confirmed, etc.). After approval, the refund is paid into your bank account within 10 days. So, in 5 simple steps you receive a refund on your Hill’s purchases:
1. Purchase and pay for your Hill’s products at the practice where you work
2. Register on https://hills4you.com/UK/en
3. Select and add to your basket the products you have purchased
4. Upload the invoice on https://hills4you.com/UK/en
5. Confirm your claim

How many animals can I purchase pet food for on the Hill's Staff Feeding Scheme?

You can buy pet food for a maximum of 2 pets using the Hill's Staff Feeding Scheme. Upon registration you can enter more pets, but only a maximum of 2 can be indicated as participants.

What is my quota?

The quota is based on the average quantity of pet food that a dog or cat needs for a year (for dogs we take into account the breed size). For example: a healthy cat weighing 5 kg needs between 55 and 80 g pet food per day (Science Plan Feline Adult Optimal Care). That works out at a maximum of 29.2 kg per year.

How do I get the refund?

At https://hills4you.com/UK/en you indicate which products you are going to purchase via your veterinary practice. You will see the refund to which you are entitled as soon as you place your order. You purchase and pay for the Hill’s products at your own veterinary practice. You can upload the invoice on https://hills4you.com/UK/en. Once uploaded, the invoice will be checked and the refund will be paid into your own bank account within working 10 days.

How can I edit my details?

When you are logged in, you will see the heading “My Account” at the top. If you click on this, you will see a submenu; click on the “Personal Details” option. From there you will be able to update your name, role in the clinic, bank details and also add or remove pets. Don’t forget to click on the “Update” button at the bottom when you have made changes to your details. Your edited details are then stored and up to date.

Is my data secure?

Hill’s Pet Nutrition respects your privacy in accordance with the laws protecting personal data (including without limitation the The General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (GDPR) and all local Data Privacy laws. If you provide personal data to Hill’s Pet Nutrition in connection with the Hill's Staff feeding Scheme, Hill’s Pet Nutrition will only process it in connection with the scheme, for its record-keeping purposes and in connection with its activities that relate to it. Hill’s Pet Nutrition and its worldwide affiliates may use and disclose your personal data for these agreed purposes. Except as set forth above, your data will be kept confidential. All personal data will be processed in accordance with Hill’s Pet Nutrition’s Privacy Policy which can be found at: https://www.hillspet.co.uk/legal-statement-and-privacy-policy
We put safety and security of your data first. Hill’s Staff Feeding portal is run by Hill’s Pet Nutrition Ltd. and Savi (NCH Marketing), and both companies consider safety and security of your data as a key priority. Savi (NCH Marketing) is ISO certified (ISO 9001), which means their business is independently assessed to ensure a consistent level of quality for their customers by having well defined and regularly reviewed processes and procedures. In addition, Savi (NCH Marketing) has signed a contract and data protection agreements.
Hill’s Staff feeding portal technology uses a banking industry-standard security protocols. The URL of the website is protected by a SSL certificate (HTTPS), which means all communications between your browser and the website are encrypted. You will always need to use your Username and Password to login and we encourage you to use the best practice in setting your password with capital letters, numbers and specific symbols.The safety and security of your data is of utmost importance to us. Should you have any more questions, please contact our helpdesk at hills4you_uk@hillspet.com

Can I also order Hill’s pet food for other people?

No. The Hill’s Staff Feeding Scheme is only intended for the veterinary professionals and their pets.

What happens if my pet dies?

Naturally we hope that Hill’s pet food will prolong the life of your pet. However, if your pet has passed away, you can 'Deactivate' the pet in your Personal Details section. Don’t forget to save your changes at the bottom of the page. Then, your pet will no longer be registered as a participant in the staff feeding programme.

I am changing job. What happens now?

If your new employer is also a veterinary practice primarily treating and caring for small animals as well as a Hill’s client, then you will need to update the veterinary clinic your account is registered to. To do so, send us an email at hills4you_uk@hillspet.com with your first and second name, your new veterinary clinic’s address and the clinic’s ID code. We will update your account and send you an email when it’s completed. If your new employer is not a veterinary practice or a Hill’s client, then regrettably your participation in the Hill’s Staff Feeding Scheme will come to an end.

I am using a new email address?

To update your email address, please send us a message at hills4you_uk@hillspet.com indicating the previous email address you were using and the new one you would like to use. Once we completed the update, we will send you a confirmation email. Your password will remain the same.

What information should my invoice show on it?
Your invoice will need to mention the following information:
  • Your clinic’s name and address
  • Your full name
  • The product(s) you purchased and the bag size(s)
  • The number of bags you purchased for each product
  • The date of purchase
Any invoice(s) uploaded to your claim with the above information missing will be deviated and you will have to upload a new proof of purchase to get your claim approved.If you have questions regarding a deviated claim please contact Hillsstaffqueries@saviuk.co.uk indicating your claim number in your email.

I can’t upload my invoice. What now?

First check that your file is in the correct format (pdf, jpeg, jpg, png, gif) and is not bigger than 5Mb. Check that you have taken the right steps.
For PCs and laptops: drag your invoice as a file into the screen, or click on “upload files” to browse through your pdf files. For mobile and tablets: add your file from I-cloud or as a photo of your invoice.
Click on ‘Next’ to complete the process.
If you still can’t upload the invoice, please contact the Hill's technical support on hills4you_uk@hillspet.com

Do I have to pay tax on the discount?

No, as confirmed by respective tax advisors and tax authorities, the discount awarded is not considered benefit in kind.

Does it matter what price I pay for Hill’s products in my own practice?

The £2, £4, £7, £8 or £12 refund that you enjoy has nothing to do with the price you pay for Hill’s products in your veterinary practice. Hill’s is encouraging the decision maker in the practices to offer Hill’s food at Recommended Vet Purchase Price, which is also the price communicated in the portal. There is no obligation on the side of the veterinary practice to follow that recommendation.